Monday Mork Borg: Fisk Borg by Richard Kelly

“Brutal Fishing in an Accursed World”

Confession time. I love fishing. I’m terrible at it, but I love doing it. Especially standing in the surf, casting into the open ocean. I could do it for days on end without a single bite and be the happiest man in the world.

The first time I went fishing as an adult, I went and bought a book about fly fishing and spiritual living. I enjoy fishing in video games like Hades and World of Warcraft, and Zelda, and… look, if I can cook and fish in a game, I’m a pretty happy dude. So. when I saw that one of my favorite game designers (Adam Vass) had worked on a supplement about fishing in Mork Borg, I about lost my shit.

What could be better than braving the darkest and most odd places for fish? Also the fact that you can fish anywhere for anything reminds me of one of my favorite poetry collections, Exotic Meats and Inedible Objects by Rachel Rodman. So, there’s a lot of stuff going on in this book, let’s dive in.

Physical Product: 7

I was going to give this a 5 or 6, as I assumed it was just a PoD from DTRPG or Ingram, (nothing wrong with those btw, but I consider them middle of the road, not good, not bad.) But I realized there was no UPC/bar code. Meaning it was offset. It’s full color, high-quality paper, and matte. I still won’t write home about it, but it’s a very nice product.

Art: 8

The cover alone warrants the 7. But the whole book has fantastic art from Adam Vass who covered the art and layout. I really like the mix of art styles throughout.

Writing/Editing: 7

Fisk Borg has decent writing and editing. No issues with any of that, it’s very on point as a Mork Bog product with most of the writing going into cryptic descriptions.

World/Fiction: 9

  • Design: Yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! You can fish anything, anywhere, at any time! And there are different tables with different fish depending on what you are fishing and how big of a thing you are fishing in! And some of them are gods! And some… look this kicks so much ass.
  • Originality: What do you want me to say? The fact that Kelly and Vass looked at the brutal world of Mork borg and said “but what if I want to crack a cold one and cast a line, is so unique and so in my wheelhouse. There is even a fishing adventure in the back of the book!
  • Fleshed out: Look, they don’t waste time explaining HOW you can fish a corpse, or a graveyard, you just can. The whys and hows of fishing don’t always get much explanation, but the truth is that’s sort of Mork Borg’s flavor. We don’t know the truth, we can’t know the truth. Shut up and cast, and maybe the spectre behind you will be so kind as to wait for you to reel in your fisk before devouring your teeth.
  • Engaging: If you like fishing you will love every second, every fish description, every moment. If you don’t… well… it’s still really well written.
  • Mechanics: Okay, a bit of a mixed bag here, and really where Fisk Borg falls short. You see, the mechanics are well thought out and cool. It makes fishing in Mork Borg non-trivial and interesting. And if you are into fishing you’ll love it. The problem is, everyone needs to have a grasp of the mechanics. Fishing is Fisk Borg is not a one-person endeavor. It takes a team, and if the rest of your group hasn’t read the book, you can’t just inject some fishing willy-nilly.

    A good example is I found a fishing rod while playing through Tommy Sunzenauer’s SVMP, and my party encouraged me to go Fisking. But the GM hadn’t read Fisk Borg yet, and the other players hadn’t read it. So I couldn’t enjoy that experience, in that moment, which was a bit of a disappointment.

Overall: 8.15

Final Thoughts: What can I say? This supplement continues to be one of my favorite books. I love it, and I love what it offers. The adventure is fun, the mechanics and how it changes the world is a blast, and there’s even a class “the Weary Angler” who has an ability for playing Solo games! (you get a ghost crew that helps you fish).

Vass and Kelly hit it out of the park on this one. While I can’t say that someone who doesn’t love fishing will love it as much as I do, I can say that mechanically and lore-wise, this is interesting enough to make it a boon to any Mork Borg fan’s collection and game table.

You can grab it on Itch and Drive Through RPG.

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