A Reader Review of 3DIE6 from Deeply Dapper Games

“A Dungeon Creepy-Crawler RPG”

I kickstarted this book based on the art. Of course, the concept didn’t hurt at all, being little bugmen in an underground world filled with sentient and omnipresent fungus? Sign John the fuck up!

I got the Deluxe Edition, which came with another book of adventures, but as those are solo adventures that I can play, I am opting out of reading and reviewing the Egg Hunt book, suffice it to say the art, and format kick ass, and if you want this book, you should get that book too.

Physical Product: 6

This is a solid little book, that said, I believe it’s POD. A thick book, you absolutely get your money’s worth.

Art: 10

I love this art. And every single spread has it. Maybe that isn’t fair, since art is subjective, but the art in this book is unique, plentiful, and pretty. It features little bug-people fighting and living, and other little bugs thriving and doing business and fighting. I adore it.

Writing/Editing: 8

The writing is informal, and very personable, with jokes and 4th wall-breaking comments. I personally enjoy it, but I know it might make others uncomfortable.

World/Fiction: 10

  • Design: The world is designed in a way where it is something both very specific and very vague at the same time. The setting within the Shimmer is very concrete, you know what the Shimmer is, but at the same time, you have no idea WHAT the shimmer is, or Where, or How, or maybe most fun to play with, when.
  • Originality: Part of the little bug-men is that each bugmen (Roan) has three minds, three personalities, and each personality could be a completely different class, not just class but a different body configuration. They are gestalt and singular, and when one dies, the others can take over as they seek to eke out survival in the once grand city surrounded by the shimmering expanse of fungi and danger!
  • Fleshed out: Do you think I could tell you about their crumbling cities and brains if it wasn’t fleshed out?
  • Engaging: I loved every second of reading this, the colloquial tone helped make it a fun and quick read.
  • Mechanics: The mechanics of the game, from loot, to how enemy reactions work, everything is really interesting and really unique. There are a lot of mechanics I haven’t seen before in this game, both for characters and for GMs. I think the whole thing is incredible.

Overall: 9.10

Final Thoughts: My highest score yet, and with good reason, reading this book made me excited, not just because of the world, but I want to play in the mechanics, I want to stress test, play test, and explore both the world and the game. I’m not sure what else I can say, but you should definitely grab this game.

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