Mork Borg Monday: The Temple of the Kraken God by Christian Eichhorn

“The newborn Kraken God is hungry for deformity and worshippers.”

Guess who’s back, back again. Yes Eichhorn’s back, go tell a friend. Okay, that isn’t exactly true. This is another Eichhorn book, but it isn’t a new one, it’s an older supplement. That isn’t to say it isn’t great, or that there aren’t more new Eichhorn things coming. There are. And you should support those projects.

This book, I grabbed off of DTRPG, and you can do the same here.

Physical Product: 5

This book is a print-on-demand product from DTRPG, I am lowering POD products, especially thinner products to a universal (5) going forward. There is nothing wrong with them, but nothing particularly good. While this score is lower, it is important to say that the existence of POD services has been a godsend to the indie creator community and I appreciate that very much.

Art: 7

I’m always pretty happy with the art in Eichhorn’s work, and this is no exception, I will say with no art accreditation in the book, I think he does all of it himself, which is pretty impressive!

Writing/Editing: 8

Everything is on point, well written with that Mork Borgian flare.

World/Fiction: 9

  • Design: Did you know I got my start writing with Lovecraftian weird fiction? Probably not, but the weird lit genre holds a dear place in my heart. A place filled with tendrils and tentacles and deep sea temples to horrid gods. So does this book! I really enjoyed not only the attention to detail, but all the bells and whistles in this adventure.
  • Originality: This adventure brings various aspects of the Mythos to Mork Borg in a really fun way, it honestly feels like around each page turn is a new tribute to mythology I love.
  • Fleshed out: So many cool details, so many interesting things to find, and fates to befall. I consider this to be one of the better-written adventure books in the third-party space.
  • Engaging: I read it twice, once for fun, once again to catch everything.
  • Mechanics: Lots of fun curses, and interesting mechanics at play here, all within the flavor of the adventure.

Overall: 8.05

Final Thoughts: Lots of times, when people inject Lovecraft into a setting, it’s sort of just jammed in there, After all, when the point of a thing is to be alien and jarring, why bother making the pieces fit? I really love how Eichhorn put this puzzle together. From the first moments of reading the adventure, every piece is dripping with a lore that fits Mork Borg, but meshes perfectly with the eldritch horror I love so much.

This is not a long investigator boarding a train in New England, It is irrevocably Mork Borg, but you are investigating, and you are being drawn ever deeper into a nightmare of moist hate.

As a reader, this book slaps, all the necessary parts of running an amazing adventure are there, sure. But this is also just a joy to sit around and read.

Hey! Do you think “Who is this John guy and what makes him such an expert?” Do you say “Does he think he can do better?”

NO! I don’t. But I do think I can do it! This August (2022) I’ll be launching my first Kickstarter as part of ZineQuest, Morkkabeans 1:1. So if you’re into weird metaphysics and Mork Borg, please check it out! (Click the picture to go to the project!)

Have a physical game or supplement you want John to review? Contact him below!

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