Mork Borg Monday: kennels of Karnage by Stein Hansen

“His most trusted servant is abducted, the dog MURDER.”

As we come to the last few hours of my Kickstarter for Morkkabeans 1.1, I have precious little time to do that which you ask of me, reviewing the best and coolest content for Mork Borg. So with that in mind, I picked up my copy of the Kennels of Karnage by Stein Hansen and got to work!

Kennels of Karnage, available now on Floating Chair, is a one shot adventure about rescuing lost dogs. I originally backed this project on Kickstarter, and have been pretty pleased with it.

Physical Product: 6

This is not a print-on-demand book, so it gets a point there, however, the construction is pretty flimsy, and I worry about throwing it in a bad where it could get torn or bent pretty easily.

Art: 7

The art is original and good, all fitting as it was made for this project. The entire book is done in black and red, so it has a unified feeling with nice layout elements. Speaking of layout, the art is fairly small and placed in order to give visual breaks, as opposed to being major parts of the layout.

Writing/Editing: 7

Clean and concise, nothing really pulled me out of reading it.

World/Fiction: 7

  • Design: Well done, everything works together and lives within the confines of the world of Mork Borg, which is one of the first things I always look at. There are plenty of modules out there that are conversions, such as Orc Borg, but if a game takes place in the world of Mork Borg, I want it to meld, and this one does.
  • Originality: I really can’t think of another game or module that does this, it also comes with a really fun bonus class “The Houndmaster” along with tops for running the adventure. All in all, it felt fresh and fun.
  • Fleshed out: 16 pages are all they took to make this adventure, and I think it’s all they needed. It isn’t super lore-heavy, but it has enough to whet the appetite while leaving the GM to fill in the gaps.
  • Mechanics: This adventure is very straightforward, relying on the core book and Feretory to do the majority of the lifting as far as mechanics go, though as I mentioned it does include a new class which is fun.

Overall: 6.90

Final Thoughts: This is a fun little adventure, I mentioned above that it doesn’t really do anything new with mechanics, but I don’t really think a module needs to introduce new mechanics to be worthwhile. However, coming in at 16 pages, this is a light amount content that should be good for one playthrough and maybe some idea generation, which puts it on the lower end of replayability.

I would recommend you snag this for your collection while buying other things, if you’re getting the physical product so that you can justify the shipping + cost on it.

It’s the last few hours of my campaign, so if you want to check it out, now is the time!

Have a physical game or supplement you want John to review? Contact him below!

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