Monday Mork Borg: 7 Aboard the Schackel from World of Game Design

“In the time of the Basilisks, ruthlessness is a virtue”

I backed this game fast when it came onto kickstarter. I love ocean stuff, I also like prison crawls, I think prisons are fantastic settings for horror and for campaigns. Especially big sprawling ones. Setting a prison barge as the setting makes me very happy, and when you add procedurally generating roguelike elements to the mix. I am a very happy boy.

You can get the zine for yourself from the WoGD Catalog, but as I grabbed it from Kickstarter along with the cards and map, I’ll be reviewing everything as a bundle.

Physical Product: 8

The book itself is a pretty standard zine, though It feels good to hold and read, not a lot to say, what really brings this up and makes it a high score is the two peripherals. That is to say the Map of the Shackel (the prison barge) and the deck of cards that allows you to build out the dungeon randomly.

Art: 9

The layout and art are fantastic, though I took away a point for some harder-to-read pages. A lot of the art was done by one of my favorite people Simone Tammetta, so I knew it was all going to be very kick ass.

Writing/Editing: 8

Well written and no terrible grammar issues that pulled me from reading.

World/Fiction: 9

  • Design: Althenia the Blood Countess is one of the most compelling characters in Mork Borg, in my opinion, everyone has a different vision of who and what she is. So building more of her mythology without actually addressing her at all is always a huge win in my book. This is the second book fo near aquatic horror I’ve reviewed, and as I said before it always makes me very happy.
  • Originality: Do you know how many adventure modules I own set on a floating cursed prison barge whose occupants warp reality to their whims? One. This one. For such a cool premise I’m amazed I don’t see more of it. But I’m happy Zac Goins and Jared Nielsen have brought it into reality.
  • Fleshed out: So many random objects and people and things mean that this is better fleshed out than a lot of modules. there’s a story, there are things happening, It feels like a full adventure.
  • Engaging: I cannot wait to run this, I think it will become one of my go-to modules for groups.
  • Mechanics: Okay, so the base is Mork Borg, right? But there’s a map of the ship and a deck of cards, and you can randomly generate what is on the ship, and what the layout is by drawing and playing cards. (or rolling dice if you don’t have the deck). That is extremely cool.

Overall: 8.65

Final Thoughts: I have many thoughts. I backed this project for many reasons, one of which was the soundtrack created by the incredible Bog Wizard, who does our intro and outro music on WanMonCast every week. But as I mentioned before building a randomized dungeon set on a ship sung to my soul.

I do work with WOGD, the company behind this gem, but I backed and was excited about this project long before I had even put Morkkabeans together. I think that this is a fantastic and fun way to bring people into Mork Borg and captures the feeling of the setting perfectly!

Have a physical game or supplement you want John to review? Contact him below!

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