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  • Review: THE ABHORRENT SIX by Stein Hansen

    Review: THE ABHORRENT SIX by Stein Hansen

    I recently got my hands on an advance copy of THE ABHORRENT SIX, an upcoming Western adventure compatible with FRONTIER SCUM. It’s the work of Stein Hansen and Nidaros Kollective, and boy howdy! It’s more fun than the entire cast of a Sergio Leone movie trying to wrestle a greased pig! I like horror, tabletop […]

  • Review: Tales and Poetry of Sarkash, a Mörk Borg Supplement by Caleb Engelke

    Tales and Poetry of Sarkash is a Mörk Borg supplement by Caleb Engelke (AKA Dungeon Havoc), and it is currently live on Kickstarter! I had the pleasure of perusing Engelke’s atmospheric, atavistic project, and I would strongly encourage you to back it (as I did). Tales and Poetry is a collection of fairy tale prose […]

  • An Adventurer’s Guide to Oz (Part One: Your Party)

    by Charles R. Bernard Some tabletop enthusiasts consider 1977’s first (or “Orange Box”) edition of Dungeons & Dragons to be the dawn of the TTRPG era. Depending on how technical and/or historical you want to get, a more likely candidate was Little Wars, released in 1913 by none other than H.G. Wells. Technicality aside, the […]