Author: John Baltisberger

  • Monday Mork Borg: 7 Aboard the Schackel from World of Game Design

    “In the time of the Basilisks, ruthlessness is a virtue” I backed this game fast when it came onto kickstarter. I love ocean stuff, I also like prison crawls, I think prisons are fantastic settings for horror and for campaigns. Especially big sprawling ones. Setting a prison barge as the setting makes me very happy, […]

  • Monday Mork Borg: Vast Grimm by Brian Colin and Ross Brandt

    Monday Mork Borg: Vast Grimm by Brian Colin and Ross Brandt

    “Each miserable day that passes, the universe inches closer to its inevitable demise” I backed Vast Grimm pretty quickly when I first saw it, before I read too much about it, because, well look at it. It looks incredible, and you all know that I am a sucker for an art object. An entire Mork […]

  • Mork Borg Monday: kennels of Karnage by Stein Hansen

    Mork Borg Monday: kennels of Karnage by Stein Hansen

    As we come to the last few hours of my Kickstarter for Morkkabeans 1.1, I have precious little time to do that which you ask of me, reviewing the best and coolest content for Mork Borg. So with that in mind, I picked up my copy of the Kennels of Karnage by Stein Hansen and […]

  • Mork Borg Monday: The Masticator Gate by Skeletonkey Games

    Mork Borg Monday: The Masticator Gate by Skeletonkey Games

    “The SHADOW laid claim to the world.” Okay, I know I missed last week, and some of y’all are sore at me. But I have a good reason, I was busy launching the Morkkabeans 1.1 Kickstarter! That said, I knew I couldn’t put off another week without putting my attention on Mork Borg Monday. And […]

  • A Reader Review of Bones Deep from Technical Grimoire

    “You are a skeleton. You cannot swim. You do not belong.“ Ah, Kickstarter, you terrible bitch. I’ve sunk so much money into Kickstarter they awarded me with a “superbacker” title. What does that mean? It means I have a serious lack of willpower. but why? Why do I do this stupid thing? I’ll tell you, […]

  • Mork Borg Monday: The Temple of the Kraken God by Christian Eichhorn

    “The newborn Kraken God is hungry for deformity and worshippers.” Guess who’s back, back again. Yes Eichhorn’s back, go tell a friend. Okay, that isn’t exactly true. This is another Eichhorn book, but it isn’t a new one, it’s an older supplement. That isn’t to say it isn’t great, or that there aren’t more new […]

  • A Reader Review of Viking Death Squad from Runehammer Games

    “Viking Death Squad is a world, RPG system, and play resource inspired by the heavy metal superclassic ‘War Pigs’ by Black Sabbath.“ I found this book, specifically, I found the hardback deluxe edition of this book, at Tribe Comics and Games. It was beautiful, ridiculous, and over the top. Everything I really want in a […]

  • Mork Borg Monday: A Wizard’s Dying Wish by Phillip Reed

    “The Wizard Leonhard Braur is dying. Of this there can be no doubt” So, a while back Reed put out a bunch of pamphlets, trifold brochures of small adventures, perfect for a one-shot, or introducing people to Mork Borg. As these were part of a Kickstarter and not easily obtainable outside of the country, Reed […]

  • A Reader Review of 3DIE6 from Deeply Dapper Games

    “A Dungeon Creepy-Crawler RPG” I kickstarted this book based on the art. Of course, the concept didn’t hurt at all, being little bugmen in an underground world filled with sentient and omnipresent fungus? Sign John the fuck up! I got the Deluxe Edition, which came with another book of adventures, but as those are solo […]

  • Monday Mork Borg: Fisk Borg by Richard Kelly

    “Brutal Fishing in an Accursed World” Confession time. I love fishing. I’m terrible at it, but I love doing it. Especially standing in the surf, casting into the open ocean. I could do it for days on end without a single bite and be the happiest man in the world. The first time I went […]