Author: John Baltisberger

  • Monday Mork Borg: Calo’s Book of Monsters by Phillip Reed

    “You know not of Zakir Husanov, the dragon from elsewhere who lives in the ruins of Castle Skullrot?” This week, I’m tackling Calo’s Book of Monsters. So, if you’re here, you probably know we host a twitch show/youtube channel called “Wandering Monster”. We playtest games. However, this was not how the show started. It started […]

  • Monday Mork Borg: Den of Disarray by Philipp Teich

    “Don’t cling to your name, you won’t bear it long.” Full disclosure, Philipp sent me a copy of Den of Disarray from Germany, to my door in exchange for an honest review. That’s why it’s so late on MORK BORG MONDAY! It just arrived! You don’t have to get it shipped from Germany though, you […]

  • A Reader Review of 3:16 – Carnage Amongst the Stars

    “3:16 is an award-winning RPG about Carnage Amongst The Stars. Play a squad of kill-happy Troopers slaying civilizations all across the Cosmos.” — back of the book. 3:16 is a game I believe every TTRPG fan and game designer should own. I bought this game years ago at a local game store, you can get […]

  • Monday Mork Borg: Putrescence Regnant

    “Ear-shattering, rot reeking bog crawl for MÖRK BORG” — Exalted Funeral Product Page This thing, this record here, this album, is the painful beginnings of my Mork Borg obsession. This product, seen in someone else’s hands, brought on a need, a lust to get involved in the indie TTRPG scene. Little did I know the […]

  • A Reader Review of ALIEN RPG: Colonial Marines

    “Join the Marines they said…” I got this book at the same time as I picked up the ALIEN core book, and I have to admit I was super stoked to dig into it. I had a blast reading the core book, so I figured this would be a pretty good time! This one is […]

  • Monday Mork Borg: Dungeoneer’s Black Book

    Welcome to the Dusty Catacombs! So, I organized my roleplaying books, so I could start to do these reviews in alphabetical order (sort of, I’ll explain on another day), and I had intended to do one of my Mork Borg pamphlets today. But, in the mail, I got a project I backed a while ago. […]

  • Monday Mork Borg: Curic’s Cursed Chapbook

    “My goal is to make interesting products” I’m out of official Mork Borg products to review, at least until my copies of Heretic and Cy_Borg come. Now we come into what, in my opinion, elevates Mork borg from a cool indie project and into a powerhouse of the roleplaying scene. The Third-Party content. There are […]

  • Mork Borg Monday: Feretory

    “Death, devilry and strange forbidden knowledge. Lost souls, cursed treasure and the road to damnation.” I mentioned before the crazy third-party content available for Mork Borg, what I didn’t mention is the Mork Borg Cult (or CVLT) which is a “community content program”. Basically, people write cool stuff, send it to Stockholm Kartel and they […]

  • A Reader Review of Riverbend, a Fishing RPG

    “Riverbend is a game about river exploration, adventure, fishing and magical cats made by Torthevic and Gustavo Tertoleone In this game, characters known as ‘Villagers’ band together in their own boat to explore a river basin while they try to accomplish certain goals set at the beginning of play. In this journey they will encounter […]

  • Monday Mork Borg: The Core Book

    “A DOOM METAL ALBUM OF A GAME. A SPIKED FLAIL TO THE FACE. LIGHT ON RULES, HEAVY EVERYTHING ELSE.” I feel like Mork Borg is responsible for about 2/3 of my TTRPG buying these days. I love not only the system, but the setting, and probably the most important, I love the products and community. […]