Services & Contact

Did you know we offer a bunch of services? For the show, most of the services are free (of course). For individual services like editing, design, writing, and intros, we are happy to work with your needs and budget!

On the Podcast

This is FREE, there will never be a charge for us checking out and playing your game on stream. You can come and GM for us, or just hand us the book and let us go crazy! We’ll try to play your game in conjunction with your crowdfunding or release to support it and get more people interested.

Don’t want us to play your game? Just want to tell people about it, or talk about monsters and game design with us? That’s okay too! No charge for coming on and talking to us.

Don’t want any of that, would just like us to talk about your game, product, or project on the show? That’s a-okay, reach out and send us an email and we can discuss what that will look like.

Ian SerVaas

Ian has 10+ years in technical editing. He edits for readability, clarity, and conciseness

Playtesting Services
Ready to launch a new RPG or perhaps stuck in development? Playtesting is an important process to polish and hone your game. Ian will run sessions of your game with diverse players and employ a metrics-based analysis to gather feedback and ensure your game is the best it can be.

Ian is happy to work on helping to build out your setting and world in the direction you want to see it grow. Ian’s writing and worldbuilding specialties are in lore-rich and experiential settings.

Con Organization
Thinking about running a gaming convention? Ian has 7 years experience planning, directing, and managing operations for both in-person and virtual cons, from intimate 50 attendance gatherings to 2,500 attendee multi-day events.

Ian has sat in the GM chair for hundreds of games, from one-shots to campaigns, and can lend his experience and insight to your design mechanics. Ian has a diverse experience in RPGs spanning across all genres and numerous systems.

John Baltisberger

An award-nominated author in several genres, John is happy to lend his craft to helping build out and fill in your setting, world, and characters.

John believes that the core of game design is giving players interesting choices. He is happy to work with you to design the most engaging game possible.

If you would like John to review your game on the WanMon Blog, he is happy to do so. However, he only reviews physical products at this time.

As an author and as a game designer, John loves world-building and creating something new, he is eager to work with you with writing or consulting on your projects.

Let John say something nice about your work and then endorse it with his name!

John has spoken at events, moderated panels, and sat on plenty of discussion boards, he is happy to speak at your next engagement too.