Your Hosts

Charles Bernard

Charles R. Bernard is an author, award-winning blogger, and podcaster who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He lives next to the largest city-operated cemetery in the United States; a necropolis that sprawls out over a square kilometer. Charles is lively company, though.

John Baltisberger

John Baltisberger is an award-winning author of speculative and genre fiction that often focuses on Jewish Elements. Beyond his writing career, John is the Publishing Editor of Madness Heart Press, Madness Heart Games, and Aggadah Try It.

Ian SerVaas

Perpetual GM of Wandering Monster, Ian is an editor, game designer, and convention organizer. When not busy slinging dice or working on RPG projects, Ian enjoys cooking, brewing, and collecting obscure vinyl and retro video games. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his two cats, Snacks and Rambo.

Charles Paschke

Charles Paschke lives in Columbus Ohio with his wife Jennifer, cats named Jackthaniel Samson the Pirate Cat and Swisstofer, a ball python named Limpopo, as well as the wandering 12 year old October. He enjoys cooking, taking photos of random objects, and learning historical European sword fighting.

Bridget Brave

America’s Test Table

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